Fall 2016 ENGL428: Digital Humanities


1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Welcome to ENGL 428: Digital Humanities, and also to this site, which serves as the electronic home base for our scholarly collaborations in this course.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 This site employs CommentPress, an open source theme created for use with the WordPress platform. CommentPress was designed by and for humanities academics, and for those interested in developing collaborative strategies for digital publishing and editing more generally. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, who is now the MLA’s Director of Scholarly Communications, developed CommentPress in conjunction with members of The Institute for the Future of the Book in an effort to open up and democratize the peer review process in scholarly publishing. Fitzpatrick’s book, Planned Obsolescence (NYU Press, 2011) was first published online using CommentPress and subjected to an open peer review process. Since then, other scholarly organizations, institutions, and researchers have begun to rely on similar means — and similar electronic platforms, templates, and themes — to facilitate the process of open peer review.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 In this course, we will be using our CommentPress site and blog to synthesize and publish our responses to the course readings, compare notes with our peers, provide peer-to-peer feedback, ask questions, identify problems, and challenge each other. Here’s what that collaboration will look like on a day-to-day basis:

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  • on Mondays, students can expect to come to class having read a variety of critical essays and / or selections from our course textbook. During the first half of the class, students will have 25 minutes to craft a blog post in response to one or more those readings, based on a set of directives provided by the instructor. The remainder of the class period will then be devoted to open discussion.
  • on Wednesdays, students can once again expect to begin the class by writing, spending 25 minutes adding comments / feedback to their peers’ Monday reading responses. Peer couples will be assigned at the start of the class and the remainder of the class period will be similarly devoted to open discussion.

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 In addition to daily blog activities, we will use this site to post and share completed projects throughout the semester. Those finished projects will then be, in most cases, subject to a similar process of peer review, wherein students will have the opportunity to provide their peers with comments and feedback.

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 Anything and everything that gets posted to this site may be commented on. Students should feel free to make full use of the CommentPress theme’s “Comment” function, adding feedback, suggestions, or questions to any material that appears on this site (be it course policies and procedures, vocabulary terms and definitions, other students’ reading responses, finished projects, etc.)


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