Welcome to Edith Wharton's Library. This site displays searchable image files for the books contained in Wharton's library at The Mount, her historic estate in Lenox, MA.

Digitizing Edith Wharton's LIbrary

The EdithWhartonsLibrary.org project began during the summer of 2015 with funding from the University of North Dakota. Work on this project is multi-phased and ongoing, and is made possible through the collaborative efforts of a number of scholars, students, researchers, and curators working in cooperation with The Mount estate in Lenox, MA.

  • PHASE I activities include the initial scanning and digitization of library materials; manual transcription of hand-written annotations and inscriptions; and the initial consctruction of the EWL.org beta site.

  • PHASE II activities include the uploading and arranging of item files; the configuration of metadata, search, and OCR functions for individual items / .pdf files; user-testing and trials of the beta site, in consultation with Edith Wharton Society members and interested scholars; and the creation of the EWL.org site orientation video.

  • PHASE III activities include incorporating feedback from user-testing and trials; upgrading and transfering site content to new, high-capacity server / domain space; replacing partial digital files with full-text scans (especially for heavily annotated items); promoting the newly constructed site and inviting users to interact with and access its data; and ongoing maintenance.